Updated Oct 2011.


There are now a few ways to experiece the MTX on your PC, and more to come hopefully!

Andrew Key has now produced a comprehensive emulator of the MTX and the Floppy Disc Systems inc CP/M and Non CP/M emulations

He has called it 'MEMU' find out more and download from here: http://www.nyangau.org/memu/memu.htm

MESS version 0.118b can be made to run many of the MTX files you can find online. Many thanks to Paul Daniels for this info and help.

(download MESS, uncompress folder, create new folder inside called 'roms', download MTX roms called 'mtx512' and place zip file into the roms folder. Then put memotech game files into root (main) MESS folder and NOT the software folder as is normal then rename file to correct tape header name (ie. rename Nemo.... to NEMO in caps. Double click on MESSGUI icon and then again on the MTX512 option of the list on the left, press enter to go into the blue MTX screen then type 'LOAD "NEMO" and press return. and off it goes.)

Recently I have been contacted by someone who is very interested in doing an MTX emulator. He has already released a Spectrum one ( http://www.zxspectrum4.net ) which is superb and if he gets the time I believe he will be able to produce one for the MTX of similar quality (and style!)

To help with this, I would appreciate help in compiling a definative list of software that was available for the MTX, check out my software link page and if you have or know of additional titles please email me with the details.


I am also interested in WAV files of original MTX tapes of any software that I do not already have, again if you can help please get in touch.


email me at: jimwills @ anvil-ict.co.uk