Back in 2001 I decided to produce a CD of things MTX related, Why?

That's a good question, I have put a short video on the CD which explains some of the reasoning behind it. Basically a while ago (October 2001) I decided to get my MTX out and play some of the old games. I was concerned by how many would not load and set about finding some way of getting them into my PC and then cleaning/altering the 'wav' files. It took many attempts to get a successful 'LOAD' back into the MTX but once I managed it things started moving much quicker.

I got in contact with many of my friends who I hoped would still have some MTX software and asked them for it. Thus collecting quite a few programs and the list is growing all the time. I know that I will never get hold of some of the programs but am determined that what is now on the CD will be around for a long time as its now on Digital format for others to use and enjoy.

The biggest shame about the MTX was it's lack of exposure in the mainstream computer press at the time, they were preoccupied with Spectrums/C64/BBC etc and we found it hard to get them to bother giving up space on their magazines. This means that a lot of people never really heard about the MTX or played some of the great games that became available for it. Now with this CD anyone with an MTX will be able to play these games.

Lawrence (Jim) Wills
Megastar Games / Memotech Technical Advisor

P.S I would like to thank all of the people who have helped make this CD possible.

P.P.S I would remind you that even though these games were produced many years ago the ideas/concepts still belong to the respective authors and should be treated as such. Some of these programs may still be copyright to their authors and as such if anyone has problems with any of the programs on the CD let me know and I will remove it. This CD has been produced with the intention that no one gets finincial gain from its contents, just keeping the MTX memories alive!