Sad as it was we knew the MTX was never likely to be mainstream and decided to try
other things. I got married so computers were left out for some time. Chris Sawyer
carried on writing but on the Amstrad CPC range. After being asked to write a game
for Ariolasoft on the PC Chris went on his own and has been very successful too.
Antony started to program the Amstrad CPC and actually wrote a very good platform game
called Omicron, which due to the poor games market at the time was never released.
I finally decided to start programming again and wrote a version of Frogger for the
Amiga computers. This was featured on an Amiga Format magazine cover disk and is still
available today if people want it.

Games that never made it were a kind of Asteroids game from Antony which if finished
would have been another first for the MTX. Chris was writing a follow up to Sepulcri
having multi coloured rooms and a more involving game design. There was a version of Hunchback
which showed promise but was never finished. A version of Kong was being written but also not finished I
was writing a version of Lunar Rescue which never got finished, too easily distracted was my main problem at the time.