This game was the one that really started Megastar Games off. Tony and I had written this game for the MTX and after a visit to Memotech in the spring of 1984 they decided to publish it under
Continental Software's label. It was our attempt at bring a platform game to the MTX and if you looked at the main charactor he may seem just a little familiar! This game was written before we really knew
about a feature of the graphic chip called the 'pattern name table' and so animating blocks on the screen was a painful experience. By the time Son of Pete came out we had used this facility to good effect and the animation was much better and smoother.

I recently found most of the original drawings that I did for each level of PHP and below are small examples for you to laugh at.

Pothole Pete was Programmed by Antony Butterfield & Jim Wills (myself).

Original Level Designs of Pothole Pete