In this game you had to move a Ball Bearing around an assult course. The control
was very much based on realistic movement using phyics for acceleration etc.
There were lots of things that caused problems, but for me the hardest were the Maddening
Magnets which lifted you up and moved you around in their set pattern dropping you off in
the wrong place if you did not let go at the correct time.
The Sound was a J.M.Jarr inspired track (Though M.O.C reviewer said it was the Brookside theme tune!) using an interrupt sound envelope generator
producing the best sound I had heard at that time on any computer.
This game was the final released game on the MTX Antony wrote and was full
of new graphic ideas he had developed. EG. smooth vertical scrolling and multi
coloured sprites. All good stuff in its time...

Rolla Bearing was Programmed by Antony Butterfield and I helped with the music.