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Who was and what games were produced by Megastar Games?

An introduction is required so here goes...

I became involved with the MTX whilst working in my local computer shop. Having sold many MTX`s I decided to try and write a game, it was called Minefield. This game was written in basic, it worked but was slow. Someone (Antony Butterfield) who came into the shop had written a game on the spectrum and had recently bought an MTX. We decided to write a game together and after a lot of work and frustration wrote our first game together called Pothole Pete. We then took it down to Memotech to see if they would sell it through their company Continental Software, which they did.

Whilst I was there I jokingly asked if any jobs were going, after some time they offered me the job of Technical Advisor which I took. Additionally to the TA role I also got lumbered with games software duties, after looking at the existing stock I became concerned by the lack of quality and numbers available which is why Megastar Games was born. We liked to play games as well as write them which is why our games had good gameplay, though some did find a couple of them quite hard to start with (me included)

Due to lack of time and no space I had to give up the production and distribution of our games to the MTX usergroup GENPAT. Initially all was well but after the first payment no more was recieved. I attempted to recover our royalties but the company kept going broke and being a Limited company it protected them from us. After several attempts at getting some money back my Solicitor advised me that even if I did win the case they would still not have to pay. This was one hard way to find out about business crooks and cost my friends and I alot of money (Approx £10k total). Some of the programmers even thought I had taken the money. Recently (Feb 2011) I have found out that through GENPAT's replacement ORION they actually ported a few games over to the Tatung Einstein computers without my permission, some things never change.


If you have played any of our games and can remember what they were like let me know. (emal: jimwills @ anvil-ict.co.uk)

Below are links to a small description of each game. Some even have screen shots!

Pothole Pete - New addition 29-12-02

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